In simple terms, thermal insulation reduces heat flow from one surface to another. For hot (above ambient) applications, thermal insulation reduces heat loss. On cold (below ambient) applications, the insulation generally serves to minimize heat gain.

In industry, energy has to be expended to raise, lower, or maintain the temperature of objects or process fluids. If these are not insulated, these increase the energy requirements of a process, and therefore have direct impact on cost and environment.

SHREE ENGINEERS an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization is extending its support in energy saving process at various industries, in accordance with their specifications and requirements, for past more than twelve years. Our expertise is in Hot and Cold Insulation. Shree Engineers offer a complete service that includes: thermal insulation, sheet metal fabrication and cladding. These services cover installation, fabrication, project management and material supply contracts.


In Cement Industry and likewise industries, only in process energy loss to be prevented while in Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Industries energy loss and gain both are required to be prevented to ensure system performance and to achieve consistent product quality.

With hot insulation it is imperative to prevent moisture from entering the insulation system, as this will reduce the system’s performance and can contribute to corrosion of the underlying pipes, vessels, flanges, valves, etc. The weather barrier must additionally be able to “breathe”, in order to allow any moisture already in the system to be expelled.

SHREE ENGINEERS with the gained expertise of thermal insulation for more than 12 years provides total protection without any seams, overlaps or joints to cause short- or long-term failures and to prevent in process energy loss.


In industries like Chemical and Pharmaceuticals, both in process energy loss and energy gain need to be averted. A static temperature required to be maintained in the process. The greater the temperature difference between ambient and process temperature, the greater the “pull” of moisture to the pipe/vessel surface, and consequently, the greater the need for an effective and durable cold insulation system.

SHREE ENGINEERS renders highly reliable Cold Insulation. For keeping the ambient temperature well within the required parameter Cold Roof Insulation is an ideal solution. It is commonly used for the safe storage of different kinds of material with low shelf life. Our team of professionals is efficient in designing, fabricating and installing cold insulation materials for optimum performance.

Our ultimate aim is Customer Satisfaction.
Towards this goal, Provide all energy saving solutions under one roof.

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